DSA Signatory Grants

The Round 2 application window for the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) Signatory Grants is now closed. Stay tuned for Round 3 information.

Many California Healthcare entities are now required by law to sign the Data Sharing Agreement. Click below to create an account and sign the DSA.

Round 1 DSA Signatory Grant awardees have been announced.

Technical Assistance (TA) Grant Applications

Begin your application in the DxF Grant Portal, hosted on Public Consulting Group’s GrantsConnect portal. Contact DSAGrants@pcgus.com
or call 866-698-6525 with any portal questions or questions about the TA grant application.

QHIO Onboarding Grant Applications

Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) Onboarding Grant Applications: Email grantsupport@cahie.org to begin the application process. Applicants in this domain must work with the California Association of Health Information Exchanges, CAHIE, to complete their application and should not start an application on the DxF Grant Portal.

How to Apply

See how to get started and apply for a DSA Grant

Additional Resources

DSA Signatory Grant Guidance Document

DSA Signatory Application Template

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Here is an FAQ about the DSA Signatory Grant Program.

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DSA Signatory Grants is a CDII funded initiative to provide support to DSA Signatories to subsidize their efforts to implement the DxF. CDII has designated Public Consulting Group LLC (“PCG”) as third-party administrator to administer the DSA Signatory Grants. PCG is acting solely as a third-party administrator on behalf of CDII and is not liable or responsible for CDII decisions, payment delays, or actions.